Over the past couple of years, reading has been one of our main focuses for our education projects. We want every child to have the opportunity to learn to read but the lack of access to age appropriate reading books was always a challenge.


At the beginning of August, we set about building a library and sewing center for the children we work with at Street 2 school. After carrying around books in the boot of our car we were excited for the big improvement. A few weeks later with the help of local workers and many of the children we had a container in place and donations of books arriving from around the world. The container was painted by a local artist, the 500 books were organised into 4 categories, pre – school, children, teenagers and adults and the library cards were ready. Not only will the library encourage and help children with their reading, it provides another safe space for them to hang out, be with their friends and spend their time. It’s a place they can get help with their homework or find support if they need it.

Day one of the library being opened over 50 children came to borrow books to read at home and we were so happy to see how excited they were. We are looking forward to the arrival of 12 laptops that the children can also use for free, this will help them with their homework, learning to type, research or just to connect with friends.

This year 15 of our girls from Street 2 school completed their BECE exams and have 5 months at home before they will start Senior high school, the sewing center is going to provide girls with the opportunity to learn how to sew, a valuable skill, especially for those looking into a future in fashion. The sewing center is due to open at the end of August for 6 students and we are looking forward to seeing how they will get on.


Thankyou to Natalie, Titus and Tec Event Management for the generosity and help to make this project a reality.