Akwaaba Volunteers has been working with Futurestars Charity informally for the last three years.
During this time, it became clear that we share values and goals and we have been impressed with the
wonderful work Akwaaba do. When the pandemic hit, Akwaaba’s entire income source (volunteers) was
shut down, we put together a fundraising package to keep the charity afloat during 2020.

From January 2021 both charities will combine operations and merge into one entity in Ghana under the Futurestars umbrella but retaining the well-established Akwaaba Volunteers brand as part of Futurestars (West & Central Africa).

The benefits of working together include:
– Meeting Futurestars charitable objectives by extending our involvement in the education sector and an
already established girls’ project involving sports & sexual health classes
– Involvement in different types of community projects
– Akwaaba have an established and excellently-run set up for hosting volunteers – together we believe
we can add value increase the number of volunteers from the UK and around the world, increasing
revenue as well as providing assistance to the many projects.

Akwaaba Volunteers will run the Volunteer division of Futurestars and together we will deliver joint projects and work together to the benefit of the children and families in our communities in Ghana. Working together will increase our reach to 5000 underpriveledged children in Ghana and Togo.

A long term strategy setting out the projects and sustainability for 2021/2/3 is in preparation and a
Futurestars / Akwaaba merger agreement has been signed by both charities to ensure compliance with
Futurestars policies and insurances. Akwaaba will be managed by its founders reporting to the Futurestars Project manager each month and to a Futurestars director each quarter. As currently happens, reports will be reviewed and approved at the Trustee meetings.


Simon Milton, Charity Director Futurestars:
“I presented the proposal to bring the Akwaaba Volunteers charity under the umbrella of the Futurestars
charity to the Futurestars board of Trustees meeting on Thursday 10th September 2020. All Trustees
unanimously voted for the acquisition, followed by appropriate due diligence and approval of the partnership agreement. Bringing the two charities together enhances our position as a sustainable entity reaching approximately 5000 underprivileged children through our schools and projects.

With effect from Jan 1st, 2021 Jordan and King are employed as part of the Futurestars Team, joining
Emmanuel, Wilson & Silas as key members of the charity team. I am delighted to welcome them on board and excited for the future with such motivated and experienced staff delivering our projects and charity goals together. The introduction to the Future Leaders School is also a key area where our charity will make a massive impact on everyone involved.”

Jordan Palmer, CEO Akwaaba Volunteers:
“ When Simon called me at the beginning of the pandemic to say he had been thinking about us and had
asked a group of people to come together to support us throughout 2020 whilst no volunteers could travel to Ghana, because there is no way we should stop doing the work we are doing, I cried with happiness, gratitude and was overwhelmed. We never take a step back to realise the impact Akwaaba is having, how our projects are making a real difference to people’s lives or to be proud of what we have achieved so far but that call made us do just that.

King and I have grown something that we care passionately about, from an idea we thought we might do at some point in our lives, to a fully running charity that is helping hundreds of children daily in 5 years. If we had had to say goodbye to that because of Covid-19 I don’t know what we would have been doing today. We are both so passionate about the work we do, our projects, the kids we work with and spend time with each day, the people in our community who advise us, help us and support us and we can’t wait to bring that to Futurestars. We have built amazing relationships with our community and families over the past couple of years, so we really know where our work will be best used and who can benefit most from what we can do. We love showing volunteers our projects, the beauty and amazing culture that Ghana has to offer, the people that have become like our extended family (including Futurestars) and 100% of the volunteers who have stepped through our door have had an incredible experience. The love for Ghana is infectious and word of mouth recommendations have slowly built us up to be where we are today.

There are so many incredible people in the Futurestars team that have so much experience and knowledgeto offer which will be such a huge benefit to Akwaaba Volunteers, not only will it give us a more sustainable future but it will allow us to continue to grow our projects, volunteer participation and do more. We are excited to grow with the team to show even more people the work of Futurestars as we work towards achieving our goals together.”