Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic across the world Akwaaba Volunteers have sadly been left with no funding due to no volunteers being able to join our projects for the foreseeable future. This means over the coming months we would no longer be able to support ourselves or the projects that we work with. Our amazing friends and partners Futurestars have stepped in to help us.


Read below to find out how Futurestars are helping and to see how you can support us too.


From Simon Milton 

Futurestars Charity Director


The UK Government has just pledged £750 Million to support the charity sector in the UK.

In Ghana there will be no such help for thousands of small charities doing amazing work with underprivileged children and adults on a daily basis.  Akwaaba Volunteers is one of these small charities that we have had the privilege of working with and getting to know in the last few years.   Set up by Jordan Palmer and King Boateng in 2016, they are funded entirely by the volunteers that visit and stay with them.  Due to the travel ban in place all volunteers booked for April- June have had to cancel, and bookings after June are on hold.

We have decided to step in and help.

Futurestars has welcomed many corporate visitors to Ghana to see our project and all of them have spent time with Jordan and King and seen first-hand the amazing work they are doing on a daily basis. Between us all, we have decided to set up a fundraiser to raise enough to keep Akwaaba Volunteers going for the next six months at least and until they can begin accepting volunteers again in the future.

If you would like to support us in keeping this amazing Ghanaian charity going please make a donation to help, every donation will go directly towards the monthly expenses for Akwaaba Volunteers and keep the charity going through these unprecedented times.

Please donate here

From Jordan Palmer
Akwaaba Volunteers Founder & CEO

“Akwaaba Volunteers aim is to Brighten the Future of the next generation, alleviate poverty and create better opportunities for the people we work with through our projects in health, education and sports. Since we founded the charity in 2016 we have welcomed volunteers from all around the world to help us change lives in Ghana and have a life changing experience themselves. All of our projects are funded 100% by volunteers joining us in Ghana. The money volunteers pay to join us is split between their accommodation, food etc and 40% goes directly to supporting our projects which allows us to continue supporting the kids and families we work with.

We have been extremely lucky to be partners of Futurestars Charity for the past couple of years, Simon, Titus, Emmanuel and the coaches have supported our projects, particularly Future Leaders School and the Street 2 School Soccer project and inspiring us with their work too. Simon and Titus always make time to visit and support the kids and us during their time in Ghana. We are extremely grateful for their support particularly during this difficult time, without this support we sadly would not have been able to continue our work post coronavirus.

To everyone who is donating to show their support for us our Thank yous will never be enough to tell you how grateful we are.”