Situated in West Africa and often referred to as the Gateway to Africa, Ghana is one of the most accessible and stable countries on the continent. Formerly known as the Gold Coast, Ghana gained it’s independence from Britain in 1957, with Gold, Cocoa and Oil helping to fuel its economic boom.

Ghana is a safe, friendly, vibrant country with a rich history and is rapidly modernising and becoming more established.


  • Capital – Accra
  • Population – 25.5 Million
  • Languages – English is the official language
  • Local languages include Akan, Ga, Twi, Ewe, Hausa and Fante
  • Religion – Christian, Islam, Traditional Beliefs.
  • Currency – Cedi
  • Climate – Tropical

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Did you know?

The meaning behind the Ghanaian national flag ? The red represents the blood shed in the fight for independence, the gold represents the country’s mineral wealth, and the green represents its rich forests and natural resources. The black star signifies African Freedom and the people of Ghana